Sonja Pregrad / TRAS Studio (HR)

10.09.2021 , DUM Project space, Kolodvorska 6, Ljubljana

How better to end the day of affirmation of “small arts” than with one of the most affirmative, emancipatory performative practices – with a drag performance? Is smallness an aesthetical or ontological category, a matter of value or some other material category? Is this one of those categories we can shred throught the teeth of the queer emancipatory mechanism? The mechanism made of lipstick, light, skin on skin contact and a gendered gaze, language etc. A mechanism that re-appropriates femininity and, with its shameless submission of the body to the gaze of others, disintegrates the prescribed meanings of categories. Small art, small women, small audience, small spaces, small, small, all…How Many Cube Centimeters Can My Body Take Up proposes another space of experiencing the embodiment of the performance (of gender). Patriarchy looks at the female body as an object, and drag, in it’s overdone voluntary performance, emancipates this. In the double-twist-gesture, that is the performance of female to female drag, objecthood of femininity is re-appropriated by the one (drag queen) that is performing it, that operates it’s construction and destabilizes the way it is perceived by the spectator.At the same time, performance deals with the production or performance of contemporary dance. In it, performers in drag are instructed how to perform drag, and observed in their performance by the figure (of the choreographer?), as well in drag, while all of them being women: ‘Female voice, speaking about female body, performing in a female genre, an objectification of femininity.’The work aligns thinking with female to female drag performers and artists, such as Victoria Sin, Dynasty Handbag and others.The performance takes place as part of the “Small Arts” Symposium:
Project is organised in collaboration with Slovenian Theatre Institute – SLOGI
and with support of Teatroskop, a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris.