Discipline as Condition for Freedom, 1996

premiere:14 January 1996 , SNG Opera in Balet Ljubljana.

choreography: Mateja Bučar, stage: Vadim Fishkin, music: Random Logic, light: Klaus Peter,
dance: Goran Bogdanovski, Nataša Berce, Andreja Hriberšek , Sanja Neškovič,  Sabina Potočki,  Mateja Rebolj, Marinka Ribič, Igor Sviderski

“A human being is not by nature an amoral being; it is only by education and drill that he or she becomes accustomed to the duties of a free individual.
According to Kant, a free individual is the result of interjected law, coercion.
“One of the greatest illusions of love is that prohibition and social codes prevent its realisation. The true sublime love can only emerge against the background of an external, contractual, symbolic exchange institutionally mediated. Here again it is discipline that produces the excess – love as freedom.”
Throughout its history, ballet was an institution: a dance for the eye of the state or the monarch. Dance is not a direct expression of the dancer’s inner impulses – their self-expression – but discipline, order; dance is a movement that relies on the pain of constraint. But what defines dance as art is the remnant – that which is simultaneously the result of discipline and its annihilation; freedom realised in the guise of discipline.

Renata Salecl