premiere: 9 May 1997 PTL (Ljubljana)

choreography: Mateja Bučar, Marko Mlačnik , dance: Mateja Bučar,
stage: Vadim Fishkin , music : Marko Košnik

The work under the title Pleasure in displeasure has been concentrated on the definition of the conscious, or the mind, being a “tool with which the”human animal” can orient and direct its own life…

The object (the box) suspended in the air is here the tool for the dancer to orient between the polarities of the World as :
– limited and unlimited space – mind and body – synthesis and analysis – plus and minus –
– pleasure and displeasure – inside and outside –
And what can be inherent to always present suspension of seeking conditions for satisfaction, happiness, pleasure … and meaning but the fact that only through clearly defining some limits one wins the possibility to reach beyond them.