premiere:  May 19, 1997 PTL (Ljubljana)

choreography / dance: Mateja Bučar,  stage: Vadim Fishkin, music : Marko Košnik, technology : Matjaž Levstek

premiere:  May 19, 1997 PTL (Ljubljana)
The performance Dependance is dedicated to A.L. Chizhevsky, Russian scientist and thinker, born 7th February 1897 and today known as founder of Geleobyology, the scientist that first started of to elaborate the dependence of all living processes on Earth, biological and social, from the activity of the Sun.

The strive of defining what the life on our planet and universe depends on, inspired us into creating a situation where we gain freedom by understanding what our own existence depends on.
As the effort of each single performance of this world is in constructing its own individual “communicational system “this effort alone is what makes all performances of the world depending of each other.
Synthesizing our tribute to A.L. Chizhevsky and this statement, we created a dance piece for which the intensity of light was conditioned by the activity of the Sun on 7th February 1997 (the 100th birthday of A.L. Chizhevsky), and the rhythm of light was determined by the heartbeat of dancers dancing in performance of Paula Massano happening simultaneously in Centro Cultural de Belem in Lisbon, Portugal. The heartbeat of the dancer in our performance was in the same time transmitted and incorporated (as light) into the performance of Paula Massano.
“And once we experienced the exchange of our heartbeats, this performance is free to depend on itself and so use the heartbeat of its own dancer to guide the rhythm of light.”