Koncept Koncepta (concept of concept), 2004

choreography: Mateja Bučar dance: Magdalena Reiter
sound: Sergej Kurjohin, Kurt Buttigieg software: Miha Grčar
production: Drustvo DUM , coproduction: SKUC Gallery
Project is supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, MO Ljubljana

– Koncept Koncepta (concept of concept) is a story about the unequal couple, and is a universal formula for comprehending the world

– Koncepta is in love with the space that surrounds her and which keeps evading her in just about everything she does and in everything she loves

– Koncepta is in love with herself.

– Koncept Koncepta(concept of concept)is not a story of love

Dance performance deals with questions like what kind of support one gets from the symbolic space in which one moves; how does one internalise this space; or better, how one “touches” the space in reality. The dancer finds herself in an unusual room where the walls appear like being alive and like moving in accordance to its own law. The structure in which the dancer moves has its life. However, the walls which seem to be following its own moving logic constantly fall back into its original state. And how does the dancer react to this life of the space? At times it looks as if the dancer simply copies the movement of the space. The dancer’s body is in apparent synchrony with the space. And at other moment when the dancer falls into her own moving, we can observe the much more complex nature of the connection between the dancer and the space. It looks as if the dancer formed her own rather psychotic space which cares less and less for the symbolic framework in which she is placed. The dancer starts functioning as her own world, which is limited by her own movements, uncontrolled from the surrounding and almost hermetically enclosed from the external forces. But although, at the end, the dancer forms her own world, her communication with the outside symbolic space never fully ends. Symbolic space and the dancer start functioning like two different worlds which seem to be following their own crazy logic and do not care about each other. However, no matter how much it looks that that each of them would wont to keep apart, one cant, and doesn’t wish too keep moving without another, as only like this they truly find the pleasure.
Gregor Podnar