DUO / Yellow and Blue / Dancers Without Answers, 2022

choreography: Mateja Bučar,
in collaboration with Katja Legin and Nataša Živković

The urban choreographies are set up among passers-by and pedestrians; generic spectators. With an almost unnoticeable presence they break into the routine of places and spaces, which are usually populated with transitions, the stations of the everyday rhythm of the city and its affairs.When spectators find themselves in an urban aestheticisation of a city, they look around, experiencing a fleeting feeling of anxiety that perhaps all those around them are also participants in the choreography.

“Since years we are working with movementsof urban and everyday life, and its routines; This time, with Duo / Yellow and Blue, we thought to remind the everyday passersby on what is going on in Ukraine and consequently with its people…“