choreography: Mateja Bučar dance and collaboration:Rebecca Murgi and Jonathan Pranlas
space: Vadim Fiškin music: Random Logic software: Miha Petelin
production: Drustvo DUM , coproduction: SKUC Gallery

Project is supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, MO Ljubljana

ROOM & ROAD is an open story, speaking about the desire to make a move, to long for distance and for change. It is a story speaking about the elemental, about the motion, about itself.

ROOM & ROAD is a story about a girl and a tramp, about unreachable point t that has un exciting charm and about a traveler who stops in one place but his mind is already in another

ROOM & ROAD, is also two different spaces completing each other, one closed and the other open are at the same time the two human poles endlessly opposing, inspiring and seducing each other.

Gregor Podnar

Room and Road is a space installation; It is a realization of an idea of a space that is no longer passive and still, but is a space that is alive and moving just as the person or a dancer inside it (the walls and floors of the spaces can move through a spatial projection that is manipulated by a computer program). The computer program that so enables both spaces to move also enables them to be in a relation between themselves; The Room (a closed space) can be in its »private dialogue” with the Road (with the open space) and vice versa and inside and in between them there are movers and dancers passing, experiencing, researching and contemplating their encounter with a new reality of the two Moving Spaces.

The earlier work titled Koncept Kocepta (concept of the concept), which is a story of one Dancer and one Space, developed a reference of the human’s inner structure in confrontation with its space. In Room and Road we observe this Inner and one Outer space existing next to each other.