Point-Less, 2012

idea and choreography: Mateja Bučar
dance: Maja Kalafatič, Kaja Lorenci, Bojana Mišič
projection: Vadim Fishkin
music choice from radio stations: Marko Trstenjak, Brane Zormant…
producer: Sanja Kuveljić
production: DUM – Društvo Umetnikov / DUM – Association of Artists
co-production:Zavod Bunker / Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, Zavod ZET
project is supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia , Cultural Department of the City of Ljubljana

Geometric point are names for invisible objects.

The first impression of the situation on stage is a view of a field of rather large elliptical dots-or points

Elliptic forms invite us through beauty and passion of their intense inner dynamics. This dynamics is a tension created by the way each ellipse consists of precisely two inner focuses that while being intensely interrelated can never merge into one – if they do, we get a circle and the ellipse disappears. These two focuses that are kept in constant relation-contradiction to each other also constantly depend on each other’s “doings”… This definition seems an attractive one to apply to many of the dilemmas and struggles that we face today.

Today’s life is full of networking, beside the networking at jobs and businesses we speak also about networks of friends, we speak of social networks, of the endless nets of administrations, communication networks….But the crucial questions here is, is it the little intersections- the points- that hold the nets together or is it rather the holes which lie between them? “There is no net without holes”– without the empty in-between spaces in the nets which can never be covered up entirely. How should we regard these holes – are they perhaps something like our ellipses around which the nets are interconnected, or are they perhaps empty fields interconnected between themselves in a way that allows them to keep changing the positions of our dots. Is it the dots that move us or are we in fact defined and coordinated by the gaps which lie between them….?