Mateja Bučar. ​Annenlinie , steirischerherbst’23

In her choreographic intervention on Annenstraße, Mateja Bučar and her collaborators address the troubling Nazi past of Graz, which left deep scars in the city. Annenstraße was once a busy shopping street. Many of its shops were run by Jewish families, who were expropriated after the Anschluss in 1938. Bučar’s intervention temporarily stops the traffic with a line of human bodies, compactly connecting the entrances of all buildings from which Jewish shops were removed.

Dancers: Tina Benko, Urška Centa, Miha Furlan, Jana Jevtović, Ema Križič, Jan Marolt, Petra Peček, Nina Pertot Weis, Bojana Robinson, Kristina Rozman, Liza Šimenc, Sara Šoukal

Commissioned by steirischer herbst ’23
Produced by steirischer herbst ’23 in coproduction with DUM Association of Artists
In cooperation with CLIO Verein für Geschichts- und Bildungsarbeit
With the kind support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Cultural Department of the City of Ljubljana